How it started

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and when I visited it for the first time, the situation of the people broke my heart. I met the kindest people, who were still quite positive despite terrible circumstances. The economy is mainly built on agriculture, but the profits and value add are not enjoyed in Malawi, but in the West.

However, there is one area which can develop into an export engine: the local artisans make beautiful Malawi chairs. So we decided to do a crazy project, totally out of our professional scope, and have started to import the Malawi chair! I was so happy when our first 40 footer arrived, carrying 120 chairs, meaning that 10 families can live off the proceeds for a year; the income from one chair is enough for a family to live on for a whole month.

It is our mission to increase our impact in Malawi and eventually in more African countries, as we believe their incredibly creative craftsmanship deserves to be seen and supported by the rest of the world. 


The Malawi chair 

The Malawi chair is handmade by Malawi artisans in the South of this beautiful yet very poor country. The chairs are used in traditional ceremonies in Malawi, but are now a hype in Cape Town, Ibiza, and Amsterdam. The frame is made from sustainable blue gum tree, and the woven sides are made of water reeds. The very comfortable chairs are lightweight and are an authentic addition for an ethnic look & feel. Whether inside as dining chairs, or outside as terrace chairs, it adds a beautiful edge to your home.

MaMa Malawi is happy to source the chairs directly from Malawi, so that we can help in the fight against poverty, and improve economic freedom for the beautiful people of Malawi.

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