Malawi Lilly Basket Set Of 3

185,00 Inc. BTW


Malawi Lilly ‘Pink’ Basket set of 3

Handwoven Baskets in soft pinky tones to add color anywhere at home, from the entryway to the living room, the bedroom, or the bathroom. For adults or Kids, these sturdy well-crafted baskets are the perfect storage space.

A perfect storage solution with several possibilities that will add character and a handmade touch to space. Use as washing baskets, or as a toy storage basket, or as general storage baskets anywhere in the house.


  • colour: Natural/Pink
  • material: natural palm leaves deyed 


      • Small: 35cm diameter x 38cm tall
      • Medium: 40cm diameter x 45cm tall
      • Large: 45cm diameter x 55cm tall


*DISCLAIMER Chairs are made by hand, so each chair has a slightly different dimension.*