MaMa Malawi Supports Kondanani

We have made a commitment to donate 10% of our profits to support the vision of Kondanani Children’s Village. 

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It’s our mission to maxime impact by supporting the local artisans and by contributing to local NGO intiatives like Kondanani. 

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MOTHER OF MALAWI: Kondanani’s Executive Director, Annie Chikhwaza has become known as ‘Mother of Malawi’ through her work with orphaned children in Africa. Get a copy of her biography and find out how the Dutch media came to give her this title. Read how she grew up in the Netherlands and moved to South Africa where she stood against the apartheid system to help the poor and marginalised. Find out how she came to marry a Malawian pastor, Lewis Chikhwaza and how they founded Kondanani together in 1998 as an Oasis of Love.

In 1988 Annie Chikwaza-Terpstra, a Dutch lady, living in Malawi, founded Kondanani Children’s Village, to combat the results of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which left so many babies orphaned in Malawi.

Malawi has over a million orphans or half-orphans and Annie opened her heart to help as many of these children as she was able to. At one point Kondanani was the home for 160 children, and nowadays 140 children live happy and healthy in the beautiful premises.

The village consists of many child friendly homes, 4 schools, a children’s hospital, a farm and even a cheese factory. Kondanani became famous when Madonna adopted her lovely daughter Mercy James from the Kondanani orphanage.

The children are being educated in house to the British O levels and are encouraged to reich their optimum level of education, be it University, an artisan college or schooling to become an entrepreneur. Even though Kondanani is doing it’s best to be self supporting, there is still a need for outside funding. For instance Annie and her team are setting up a children’s hospital with 60 beds. MaMa Malawi is happy to help raise funds for an operating theater at the hospital.

The story of the founder of Kondanani Children’s VIllage is so inspiring that a book was written about Annie’s journey for and with the children of Malawi.

MaMa Malawi is happy to support this great cause by giving 10% or her proceeds to Kondanani Children’s Village. If you would like to hear more about this wonderful cause you can buy the book by clicking on this link. Or you can donate to this wonderful cause through this QR-code.