African furniture and decoration

Mama Malawi is a webshop with a mission: To create as much impact as possible by bringing cool and hip furniture and decoration items from poor African countries onto the international market, creating beautiful and inspiring interiors.

We import directly from the makers in Malawi.

If you would like to get your own design crafted by the Malawi artisans, we can arrange that for you. For instance, if you want a customized Malawi chair, please let us know.

Latest Project

B&B Amazing Loft in The Hague
We sell our furniture to the public as well as to projects: the Malawi chairs look fabulous in restaurants, lounge area’s and B&B’s

Restaurant in Greece

Malawi Chairs, combined with wicker lamps, from Earthware.

Malawi Chair with Bolga basket

Handcrafted Malawi Chair with Bolga basket from Ghana, creating an ethnic and warm interior in this airbnb in The Hague.

must have

Malawi Chair

The iconic Malawi Chair is hand made in Malawi for the use at wedding ceremonies and, lately, also for export. The chairs are made of Blue Gum Tree, while the woven sides are made of water reeds.
Artisans in Malawi make the Malawi chair by hand as one of the few means of making a living in this beautiful yet very poor country. The traditional chairs are now the hype in hip Cape Town, Ibiza and  Amsterdam, and can be found in magazines such as VT Wonen, Visi and Elle Decoration. The comfortable chairs are lightweight and are an authentic addition to ethnic or boho interiors. Whether inside as dining chair, or outside as terrace chair, it adds a beautiful edge to your home or restaurant


Get in touch:

If you have special requirements or have a project that you would like to furnish with our products, please contact us. We are happy to offer advice and special prices for projects.

MaMa Malawi sources from the artisans in  Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. Their intricate handicrafts offer one of the few means to make a living besides agriculture. Since most of the fertile land is in the hands of multinationals who grow tobacco, sugarcane or tea, there is very little choice in making a living. We are happy to support families, that can live a whole month of the proceeds of a chair. To support the many orphans, we give back 10 % of our profit  to an orphanage in Malawi. We also support Afri Pad, a fantastic NGO which makes it possible for girls to go to school, even during their periods, which is not a given in poor African countries.